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Electric plating

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Electric plating on glass is the application of one or more layers of metal film or metal compound on the surface of the glass to change the optical properties of the glass. The methods of electric plating are divided into four categories:chemical deposition, thermal evaporation, mechanical (including spraying and impregnation), and currently advanced magnetron coatings. The principles and equipment of these technologies are different and cannot be interchanged. The coated glass production method is coated with gold, silver, copper, aluminum, nickel, iron tin and other metals, metal oxide or non-metal oxide film: or by electro-floating method, plasma method, like the surface layer of glass The metal ion controls the coating by replacing the original ions of the surface layer of the glass. The main pollutants to be cleaned before coating before coating are oil stains, fingerprints, dust, etc. Since the coating process is extremely strict on the cleanliness of the lens, the choice of cleaning agent is very important. While considering the cleaning ability of a certain cleaning agent, it is also necessary to consider his corrosive and other aspects. Divided into organic solvent cleaning and semi-aqueous cleaning.

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