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Traditional production process of glass lampshades

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The blowing technology is characterized by the plasticity of the glass in a certain temperature range. The hollow frit is used to pick out the glass frit from the furnace, one person blows air at one end, and the glass frit at the other end is blown into a spherical shape. At this time, it can be shaped by tools such as scissors and molds. The blowing operation usually requires several people to work together.
Although the blowing technology can reflect the distinct personality, it relies heavily on contingency and the limitations are quite obvious. As a result, more artists have turned their attention to the combination of blowing technology and other technologies.
1. Reclaiming materials
Pick up the preheated blowpipe and go deep into the 1300 degree oven. It is not too greedy, not too little. Just the right hot glass, with the heat attached to the blowpipe, sunglasses, headscarf, fully armed, ready to turn your blowpipe, over and over again.
2. Forming
The material to be taken is placed in a mold, and the gas is blown into the glass through the iron pipe and propelled out.
3. Edge grinding
The edge of high-quality glass is not cut by hand when it is touched by hand. Of course, because of the increase in the process, the price of the product is different, because the process is very expensive.
4. Annealing
The glass cannot be allowed to cool naturally. Because its surface is contracted by air cooling, the interior expands due to heat retention. Rapid cooling can cause uneven pressure and crack.